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Welcome to Re§urfalution Gaming |RSG|. We are an online PC gaming community that values friendly gaming between our members, regular visitors, and many other online gaming communities & clans. 

Whether gaming in public servers or in league competition, when you come visit RSG, the combat is fierce, the shots are straight, and nobody plays harder. We strive to game honorably, while also working cohesively - together as a team. 

We do not require any members to play any certain online games, the choice is yours. Just come in and enjoy the fun, we're all here to have a good time and get away from the stress of the real world.

Boasting an early 2010 membership of roughly 30 gamers, the core is an "older" (aged in the 20s-30s range), experienced gaming group. Still, to all of us, age is irrelevant - attitude and maturity ARE! 

Our team motto is Stand Fast. 

Our team competition slogan is "We don't care who the opponent is, we match up with anybody."

Respect & Sportsmanship
Our community is dedicated to fair game play and good times in and out of game. We also practice and encourage kindness, respect, fair play and sportsmanship. We believe this is the only way to ensure that every player enjoys their online gaming experience. 

Member Manifesto, Recruiting & Codes of Conduct 
1. We have a zero tolerance policy on players that use hacks, exploits, or any other type of cheating method. You will be banished without warning. It doesn’t matter where or when you do this, we will say "Adios" and don't bother coming back. 

2. We use the website forums, Email/Personal Messages (PM's), and TeamSpeak for all communication. It is expected that you check these at least every couple days for any information on the community’s activities or progress. 

A. We require you to have and use TeamSpeak to be on this team. It is expected that you use it for all matches. 

B. RSG members are all active on our website and we encourage you to be as well, as we value everyone’s opinion and participation. We request that each member shows dedication and involvement by ideally, posting to our website at least once a week. We also ask you make your availability known through the website when announcements and sign-up threads are posted for matches, scrims, and activities. 

C. We require all members to be thoughtful and respectful of others when using TeamSpeak or posting on the website. 

D. Comments deemed by the administration to be offensive, whether it be racial or sexual in nature, or just plain crude.... will be deleted and you will be sent a private message on why this decision was made. 

3. RSG members should always wear our tags when gaming publicly. It should be worn as a source of pride to show your membership and dedication to our gaming group.

4. We are always accepting applications for new recruits that want to be part of our mature gaming community. Please click here to fill out our New Recruit Application, and start the process of potentially joining Resurfalution Gaming!

A. All candidates will be considered based on regular play on our servers, posting on the forums, and by joining us on TeamSpeak. 

B. When you are recruited, you will wear the "r|RSG|" tag with to symbolize that you are a recruit. 

C. This recruit tag will be worn for a minimum of two weeks while you are being considered full membership with our team. 

D. During this “probationary” recruit period, you will be judged by the members on your online behavior, maturity and the ability to be a team player. 

5. Advancement with RSG, will be based on participation on our servers, posting, and dedication to the team. Also it will be based on participation in matches, scrims, and any other team activities. 

6. Any infraction to the RSG Code will be discussed by the RSG Council and RSG members for a possible warning or expulsion, depending on the infraction, and/or how often you have been warned. Any other behavior will result in possible banishment from website, TeamSpeak, and/or servers. 

7. Any member wanting to leave our community should post in website, letting the community know that they no longer will be on the team. Any member that is not going to be available for any period of time should post on website letting us know. Any member that is not active in the community, more than a one month period, will be placed in inactive status until further review by the officers. Inactive members will not be able to play in any matches or scrims and possible loss of remote admin rights. 

The RSG Team 
This team exists through the support of the RSG Council, RSG Officers and all the RSG members. Thanks to them, this is all possible. 

Additionally, at some point, we strongly encourage each of you to make a donation via PayPal. The more donations we receive, the more servers we can have. That way we never get bored of the same online game. Any donation will help the community grow and expand. It costs forty dollars or more a month for one server, TeamSpeak, and a website.

Interested in joining RSG? Register or login and click here to start the process of becoming a member.