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RG & Surfals: A brief retrospective
RSG was formed in Summer 2009 by founding members of the longtime gaming groups Revolution Gaming (Holden, Yahtzee) and Surfals Ultimate Battlefield (Illusions, Sir Anthony, RumblinMutt).

The two groups had shared a longtime friendship through countless matches, scrims and events that set the base for the alliance. We felt that a merger and restructure of the two clans helped to build a stronger foundation to grow as a gaming group in the future.

Revolution Gaming, RG, was originally formed in Aug. of 2005 by Holden of the United Kingdom. He assembled a cast of friends who happened to also be very skilled gamers and led them into many battles. Lke Rommel, Monty and the other great Generals of WW2, Holden commanded his group of soldiers to many great victories. Many have stayed loyal through the years, and continue to compete alongside each other today. Originally, they mostly focused on Battlefield 1942, but like any other gaming group, they grew with the times and later got into the Call of Duty and Company of Heroes series. Still, their bread and butter competition-wise remained in bf1942, and they were never a force to be taken lightly. Later, Holden hit the gold mine and added the lovely and talented Yahtzee as his prized assistant officer. Together and with their talented teammates, They built up an impressive championship portfolio, with three TWL (TeamWarfare League) championships, one Liga division (European League) win, one SoV (Soldiers of Virtue) championship in 2008, and one BFCL (Battlefield Conquest League) 8v8 Full Combat League championship. Their motto was Strength and Honor.

Surfals, <<>>, or Surfal's Ultimate Battlefield originally was formed in 2004 from a core group who regularly pubbed together in Battlefield 1942 and its mods. Most of the group were admins with Surfal and his 42 server. ...You may have heard the names before: Illusions, RumblinMutt, Dead Skunk, Cpt Frosty, TommyGunn, and Gruntboy. Well back in the day, the Surfal server focused on Omaha Beach, but much later, when that map got repetitive, we branched out and became known as one of the most active Road to Rome servers in the 42 community. Later on, when the "Godfather" himself (Surfal) retired in 2005, the torch was passed and the group that was left decided to carry on collectively. Some time later, the core group was strengthened by the addition of several prominent members: Sir Diealot, Buck, Who Killed Kenny and Sir Anthony. Still going strong, led by a strong group of captains, Surfals next opened 2142 server, evidence they still enjoyed gaming together. Surfals (we kept the name we liked it so much!) went on to compete in many seasons of BF42 and even BF2142 leagueplay (TWL, BFCL, SoV), as well as holding regular events like jeep racing and clan nights, or other events like Pirates or Star Wars nights. The group was always up for a good time, whether an event, scrim or match, and took part in many. While Surfal's can't claim any Championships like RG - we can say we had fun along the way, and did garner a few "Sportsmanship" awards for the display of class on the battlefield. As with RG, Surfals mainly focused on Battlefield 1942, BF2, 2142 and later, the Call of Duty-series games and Company of Heroes.

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