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General Info
Opponent:The Lazy Bastards-X Company (TLB-X)
Date:09:00 PM, Sunday Jun 6th, 2010
Game: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Gametype:Conquest 8v8
League:3FL BC2 8v8 CQ
Players per team:8
Laguna AltaMatch RosterRound Scores
• Buck

• Earnhardt

• oneclip
• RumblinMutt

• shang
• SirAnthony


All in all a very fun match despite the close loss and marred by some technical difficulties.  TLB took round 1 by twenty or so tickets, this was in some part due to miscommunication on the delayed spawn for ATI card users, which gave TLB an early advantage.  RSG won round 2 by about the same, despite losing KillerToad towards the end (Mutt hopped in to replace for closing minutes).

The tiebreaker round 3 (no screenshot available at the moment) had several dropped players on both sides, but the teams played on on.  Most of the action all night was around the river near the barn at the A flag.  ...Unbelievably came down to the final tickets, where TLB somehow pulled out one more kill (or revive) that was just enough to take the 3rd round by 1-0 in tickets.  It doesn't get any closer than that!  

Tough loss gents, we played a very solid TLB team, hats off to them. Nothing to be ashamed about in our performance, we held our own. The match will provide valuable intel on how to play Laguna Alta next match vs OWS.  All in all, great turnout and a fun match. 

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