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Basic Profile
•Custom TitleSKUNK
•Country - United States
•BirthdayMarch 29th, 1974
•GamesBattlefield 2 Battlefield 2142 Forgotten Hope 2-BF2 mod Battlefield 2-Special Forces Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
•Childrennot sure how many..could be dozens
•Hobbieshiking, gaming,camping
•Interestsfinding a way to drink a whole case of beer and not urinate
•Motto/QuoteBe Prepared]=[-
Theme Song
Custom Info
Off Topic
•Recommended Computer Applications (non-gaming)n/a
•Favorite Colorblue
•Favorite Movie(s)babe
•Favorite Foodbeer
•Favorite Musicians or Bandspearl jam
Your Gaming History
•Most Memorable Gaming Experience Growing Upgot my atari 2600 in 1979
•Gaming Consoles Owned (list)atari 2600, odesyee, nintento, super nintendo, nintendo 64
•Favorite 3 Console Video Games All-timen/a
•First PC Gamen/a
•Favorite 3 PC Video Games All-timebf1942, doom, castle wolfenstein
•Former Gaming Clan(s)surfals
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