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RSG cazora
Basic Profile
•Custom Titlecaztastrophe
•Locationpittsburgh, pennsylvania
•Country - United States
•BirthdayOctober 15th, 1977
•GamesWorld of Warcraft World of Tanks
•Childrenfour... two boys, two girls
•Petsseven cats and yes i know how both kids and cats happen, thanks for asking. ;)
•Motto/Quote"everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die."
Theme Song
Custom Info
Off Topic
•Recommended Computer Applications (non-gaming)n/a
•Favorite Colorblack
•Favorite Movie(s)fight club and harry potter, altho both books are better :)
•Favorite Foodextra cheese and sausage PIZZA
•Favorite Musicians or Bandsbring me the horizon, I see stars, old school nine inch nails, celldweller, blue stahli, 30 seconds to mars
Your Gaming History
•Most Memorable Gaming Experience Growing Upfiguring out how to descend into the pipes in Super Mario Bros (NES) because I was dancing on top of them. My parents thought I was a genius. ;)
•Gaming Consoles Owned (list)wii, xbox, xbox 360, ps1, ps2, gamecube, n64, super nes, nes, atari 2600
•Favorite 3 Console Video Games All-timefinal fantasy 2, ice hockey (NES), guitar hero/rockband
•First PC Gametony hawk skate on commodore 64, that counts as a pc right? ;p
•Favorite 3 PC Video Games All-timezak mckraken and the alien mindbenders, sleuth (olllld text based), dayZ (duh lol)
•Former Gaming Clan(s)several mmorpg guilds
Your Gaming Computer-Technical Specifications
•Processor(s)a gerbil
•Video Cardcrayons
•Monitor(s)the magic box
•Hard Drive(s)soft park(s)
•Keyboard & Mouserock, paper, scissors
•Operating Systemgive a gerbil crayons, feed him bacon, park him with a goat and put him in the magic box.
•Favorite maptaviana
•Favorite main weapon(s)DMR
•Favorite sidearm(s)pdw sd
•Favorite clothingsophia
•Favorite vehicle"the iron bitch" the Osprey
•Favorite foodsunflower seeds
•Favorite drinkpepsi
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