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RSG Leatherneck
Basic Profile
•Custom TitleSergeant of Marines
•LocationNew York
•Country - United States
•BirthdayFebruary 12th, 1971
•GamesBattlefield 2 Call of Duty: World at War-Multiplayer Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 2-Multiplayer Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 2-Singleplayer/2 man coop Call of Duty: World at War-Single player Call of Duty: World at War-Single player Left for Dead 2 Assassin's Creed Batman-Arkham Asylum Call of Duty:World at War Zombies
•InterestsGaming, Reading
•Motto/QuoteEvery Marine is, first and foremost, a rifleman. All other conditions are secondary.
Theme Song
Custom Info

I think I'm a pretty easy going guy, not egotistical at all - I know I'm the best and so should everyone else. j/k Tongue out. I really enjoy the team aspect of gaming. That's what appeals to me about clans. You work together towards a common goal in gaming, while playing these games, you get to know quality people, and it allows you to gain friends in RL. I used to be in the US Marine Corps. I currently work for the New York State government. I enjoy a good mystery, fantasy, suspense book, along with non-fiction historical books. I like to game on the PC, as well as play the console. For consoles, I usually play the 360. I would like to travel more one day. I've been to a couple of countries in the far east, as well as Canada and Mexico. I'd really like to visit England one day, along with Italy, Germany and France.


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Off Topic
•Recommended Computer Applications (non-gaming)HwiNFO32
•Favorite ColorBlue
•Favorite Movie(s)Too many to name
•Favorite FoodItalian, seafood
•Favorite Musicians or BandsBeethoven
Your Gaming History
•Most Memorable Gaming Experience Growing UpGetting the Atari 2600. Woot! lol
•Gaming Consoles Owned (list)First one I can't remember - it had Pong like graphics, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, XBox, Wii,XBox360
•Favorite 3 Console Video Games All-timeHalo, SoulCalibur, Madden92
•First PC GameZork
•Favorite 3 PC Video Games All-timeBattlefield1942, Neverwinter Nights, Age of Empires II
•Former Gaming Clan(s)Lucky 13's, 6gun Samurai, BR1, Revolution Gaming
Battlefield Series Games
•Favorite Maps (3)Gazala, Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima
•Favorite VehiclePanzer IV
•Favorite Soldier KitMedic, Engineer
•Favorite WeaponThompson
•Favorite BF Series or Expansion PackRoad to Rome
•Favorite BF ModFH
•Best BF Moment or MemoryWhen I first joined the Lucky 13's and there were 3 of us, all in Pnzr IV's, leaving the main in formation.
Call of Duty Series Games
•Favorite Soldier Kitn/a
•Favorite Maps (3)n/a
•Favorite CoD Series Game or Modn/a
•Favorite Weaponn/a
•Favorite 3 PerksI'm not a big fan of perks overall
•Best CoD Moment or MemoryPlaying MP in a Russian Map as German
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