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RSG KillerToad
Basic Profile
•Custom TitleBody Bag Filler Upper
•LocationPhiladelphia PA
•Country - United States
•BirthdayFebruary 13th, 1968
•GamesBattlefield 2 Battlefield 1942 Team Fortress 2 Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 2-Multiplayer Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 2-Singleplayer/2 man coop Counter Strike Source multiplayer Call of Duty 4-Modern Warfare Left for Dead 2 Tiger Woods 2007 World of Warcraft Star Wars: Battlefront Borderlands Fallout 3 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Dragon Age
•ChildrenNone that I know of
•Pets2 cats Molly and Buddy
•HobbiesGuitar, Drums, Gaming
•Motto/QuoteNo poor bastard ever won a war by dying for his country...
Theme Song
Custom Info

Steam name: KillerToad

Off Topic
•Recommended Computer Applications (non-gaming)Pandora.com
•Favorite ColorPurple
•Favorite Movie(s)Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
•Favorite FoodVeal Picatta
•Favorite Musicians or BandsPearl Jam
Your Gaming History
•Most Memorable Gaming Experience Growing UpWinning the Sierra North American Tourney in FPSFootball Pro
•Gaming Consoles Owned (list)PS3
•Favorite 3 Console Video Games All-timeTecmo Super Bowl, Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, Mike Tyson Punch Out
•First PC GameDoom 2 (1st multiplayer game)
•Favorite 3 PC Video Games All-timeEverquest, Deus Ex, Tribes
•Former Gaming Clan(s)[Ars], {AKM}, KRT
Battlefield Series Games
•Favorite Maps (3)Battleaxe, Gonzala, Midway
•Favorite VehicleM10
•Favorite Soldier KitAssault
•Favorite WeaponAug
•Favorite BF Series or Expansion Packn/a
•Favorite BF ModBG42
•Best BF Moment or MemoryPlaying in my 1st BF42 match with Holden, Nosey, BoB, and crew... I knew I was home
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